Open Source And Linux In 2014

Jim Lynch | IT World | December 29, 2014

In today's open source roundup: Looking back at open source and Linux in 2014. Plus: Switching from Apple laptops to Chromebooks, and the best gaming mouse for Linux? Since we've reached the very end of the year, it's always fun to look back and review what's happened in open source and Linux. 2014 was certainly an eventful year, with more than its share of controversy and drama.

SJVN at ZDNet ruminates on what happened in 2014 with Linux and open source:

Taken together, it's been a good year for Linux and open-source software. Next year will be even better. Don't mistake me. 2014 also had more than its share of problems, but with everyone now backing Linux and open-source, 2015 really is the year that these two twin technologies will dominate all of IT. There may never be a year of the Linux desktop, but the year of Linux IT is almost upon us.

...Games were certainly a big part of Linux in 2014. Robin Muilwijk at looked back at Linux gaming in 2014:

We started the year with OpenPandora, which further opened its hardware by releasing its designs. We looked at the Oculus VR, who acquired and open sourced their networking engine, and later in the year they released a software development kit...