ZH Healthcare Releases New Electronic Health Solution (EHS), Becomes Provider’s Answer to Health IT

Press Release | ZH Healthcare | January 14, 2015

Leading Health IT company announces new product, BlueEHS, that provides medical providers with a holistic and “customizable on the cloud” Electronic Health Solution (EHS)

McLean, VA – January 14, 2015 – ZH Healthcare (ZH), a leading provider of open source Health IT solutions, announced today the release of BlueEHS, the first ever Electronic Health Solution (EHS). Developed to offer an alternative to existing Electronic Health Records (EHRs), BlueEHS is a Freemium Software as a Solution (SaaS) product that offers expanded functionality, malleability and customization that have received raving endorsements from medical providers who have tested the product around the world.

Shameem C. Hameed

According to a recent KLAS study, 25-37% of current EHR users are considering replacing their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) provider due to the high costs and the lack of functionality, support, and the “one size fits all” approach of the systems.

In response to these market pains, ZH developed BlueEHS to provide a cost-effective, more holistic solution that benefits both doctors and patients. By steadfastly collaborating with the OpenEMR open source community for more than six years, ZH has succeeded in testing new universal concepts and building an extremely powerful integrated solution for Health IT.

BlueEHS promises to deliver a multitude of benefits to both patients and doctors including:

  • A platform that “thinks like a doctor,” attentively designed to easily manage and customize to the needs of the individual provider;
  • A “customizable on the cloud” design, allowing users to enable or disable modules that do not fit the provider’s needs; and
  • A competitive price, as the basic system is offered to providers at no cost.

“BlueEHS has transformed the common notion of an EHR and has developed a solution that is truly innovative,” stated Shameem C. Hameed, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ZH. “After years of development, we are proud to launch a product that does not simply attempt to add on disparate applications, but has instead been designed from the ground up as an integrated solution that delivers all Health IT needs from medical billing to scheduling to prescription management.”

Interested providers can start the process by visiting www.zhhealthcare.com/blueehs/ to sign up for BlueEHS.

About ZH Healthcare

ZH Healthcare (ZH) was founded in 2008 as a Revenue Cycle Management company for medical service providers. ZH is the leading developer of OpenEMR, which serves more than 300,000 medical providers and up to 600 million patients across the globe. In response to the market imperative for a more customizable, functional and cost-effective product, ZH designed BlueEHS, the first of its kind Electronic Health Solution (EHS). BlueEHS addresses the complex needs of medical providers around the world. 

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