8 Linux Predictions for 2016

Bryan Lunduke | Network World | December 17, 2015

Looking ahead to 2016, I see big things for ChromeOS, Android, and even Microsoft in the Linux world. As 2015 comes to a close, the time has arrived to make predictions for what will happen in the Linux (and broader Free and Open Source Software) world in the year ahead. Will all of my predictions actually come true in 2016? Who knows? But I’m making them anyway!

We still won’t be using Wayland. That’s right. I’m going on the record and saying that, when 2016 ends, we still won’t be using Wayland. Oh, sure. Maybe the odd Linux distribution here or there might be shipping with Wayland enabled. But the big distros? Xorg, baby!

systemd's scope will expand. systemd’s scope will grow to include an office suite and web browser. Just kidding. But not really. The little init-system-that-could is going to keep on expanding to include more and more functionality over the next year. There will be much gnashing of teeth in the Linux community...



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