Apple Is Fighting A Secret War To Keep You From Repairing Your Phone

Damon Beres and Andy Campbell | Huffington Post | June 9, 2016

The company has repeatedly opposed legislation that would help, experts say.

Your shiny new iPad Pro is on the fritz. The touchscreen is cracked and isn’t working properly. You could take it to an affordable local repair shop, but mom and pop may not know how to heat up the glass ​just enough to separate the LCD from the rest of the device — it’s a complicated process that involves an acute understanding of the tablet’s insides. Once they’ve cracked open the iPad, they may not even know what to do to replace each component.

Frustrated, you turn to Apple‘s official support system. If you didn’t purchase the company’s AppleCare+ warranty plan when you bought the device, you find that replacing the screen will cost a whopping $599, plus shipping. Or, you could buy an entirely new replacement from an Amazon vendor for $674.88. What do you do? Well, many would buy the new one and offload the busted thing for a hunk of cash, contributing to a cycle that experts say generates heaps of e-waste. It’s a problem for consumers and the planet — and Apple has actively opposed legislation that could help curb it, according to advocates.

The Huffington Post spoke with politicians in two states who support such legislation, and confirmed through government filings that Apple has lobbied on the issue. Four states — Minnesota, Nebraska, Massachusetts and New York — have considered adopting “right to repair” amendments, which would update existing laws regarding the sale of electronic equipment. Amending these laws would make it easier to fix your devices and would help reduce “e-waste,” a catch-all term for any electronic detritus...