ONC Playbook Breaks Down Health IT, EHR Tasks and Buzzwords

Jennifer Bresnick | HealthIT Analytics | September 27, 2016

The ONC's new Health IT Playbook lets users access EHR adoption and practice transformation resources, guides, and definitions through a single, interactive interface.

The healthcare industry seems to be largely driven by buzzwords: quick and snappy phrases that reduce complex, difficult, expensive and often confusing initiatives into keywords that may not mean much to the uninitiated. From big data and population health management to electronic health records and value-based care, these short and sweet terms have come to define the new direction of one of the nation’s largest sectors.

While many providers, vendors, and other stakeholders may assume that their personal interpretation of a certain concept is universal, there has been a great deal of disagreement over what these phrases really mean.  Some are so broad as to be little more than placeholders, while others contain so many detailed, technical components that an expert translator is required.

To help standardize the healthcare lexicon and organize useful resources for providers, the ONC has produced a new Health IT Playbook that includes definitions, resources, and educational materials for stakeholders who wish to better understand the past, present, and future of healthcare reform – and maximize their investment opportunities while doing so...