Best Health and Fitness Tools for Linux

Avimanyu Bandyopadhyay | It's F.O.S.S. | November 20, 2016

Brief: These health related applications for Linux help you in staying healthy and track your fitness.

In our busy work schedule as Linux professionals or home-users, it becomes essential to keep track of our health as studies have shown that continued usage of sitting in front of a PC is absolutely not recommended for long hours. It hampers the productivity. While we already covered productivity tips and tools for Linux earlier, today we are going to look for some Linux tools that will help you to stay healthy while working on Linux. There are plenty of mobile apps to help keep us stay fit and healthy by getting us used to ergonomic habits. You can always use them, but you can always benefit from some native Linux apps. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best health Linux apps we could find.

Chron-O-MeterWorkrave... is one of the oldest health apps (first released on Sept. 21, 2002) one can find and is easily the best tool one could have in order to maintain a healthy work schedule. With regular short and long breaks, it never fails to remind you when you stay hooked to the screen for too long, thus preventing excessive strain. It even facilitates the user with nice visuals of mild exercises to do with the help of simple animations. With Workrave, you can customize micro-breaks, rest-breaks and your daily limit for computer use. The tool is specially designed to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury which can occur due to working with a mouse and keyboard for an extended period of time.

Cron-O-meter is a free java based program that assists the user to track diets and keep a watch on calorie intake. Cron is an acronym for Caloric Restriction. Those who are very particular about following a specific diet plan should most definitely not miss this. This is a must have for calorie conscious folks... SportsTracker... is primarily focused on any kind of sports activity which may be cycling or running. It helps you with exercise overviews and related statistical information. Those who are used to do cardiovascular based exercises can efficiently use this tool to organize his activity info with help of its related data...