Amazon Digital Health Talent Grab: Box Exec Reportedly Joins Team

Chris Davies | Slash Gear | July 21, 2017

Amazon is quietly building up its digital health tech talent, reportedly poaching a healthcare exec from Box. The Seattle behemoth may be best known for its retail business, but in the background it has a growing footprint in all manner of health technology areas. This latest Amazon talent grab appears to be another move to shore up those.

Missy KrasnerAmazon’s target was Missy Krasner, CNBC reports having spoken with two sources about the move. Krasner had until now been Vice President and managing director of Box’s healthcare and life sciences group; before her time there, she had worked at Google for five years. There, Krasner was a founding member of Google Health, the search giant’s online medical records and wellness platform.

Although the sources haven’t said exactly what Krasner’s role at Amazon is to be, any of those things would be right up her new employer’s avenue. For instance, it already has numerous big names in the healthcare industry – including Siemens and Bristol-Myers Squibb – lured in by its AWS cloud services’ HIPAA-compliant services. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was enacted in 1996, with Title II of the act defining standards for how health records and insurance details are stored...