HITECH Compliance

HITECH Compliance is a HITECH, HIPAA and Technology Compliance, integration and support company. As one of the few vendors to obtain and maintain all of the prestigious American Health Information Managers Association’s (AHIMA) Certified Healthcare Technical Support credentials, HITECH Compliance is proud to be a Certified OpenEMR Professional Support Provider and Contributor.

  • Apoyo técnico, diseño, diagnóstico y adiestramiento de sistemas de computadora, redes y servidores Windows, OSx, Linux y Netware.
  • Instalación, Apoyo técnico, Personalización y adiestramiento de OpenEMR y PACS.
  • Technical support, design, diagnostics and training on all major network operating system such as Microsoft, OSx, Linux and Netware.
  • Installation, support, customization and training for OpenEMR and PACS.
  • Con mas de 30 años de experiencia en Informatica y Mas de 12 años con OpenEMR y Oficiales de Seguridad de Privacidad, contamos con el conocimiento mas amplio de sus necesidades.
  • Credenciales/Certification:
    • CompTIA Healthcare Information Technician,
    • AHIMA Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist:
    • Technical Support Specialist,
    • Workflow and Information Management Redesign Specialist,
    • Implementation Manager,
    • Implementation Support Specialist,
    • Trainer,
    • Clinician/Practicioner Consultant.
    • Certified Vitualization Expert.

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