Healthcare IT Interoperability (HiTop)

Healthcare IT Interoperability (HiTop) is a technical information resource for the healthcare IT interoperability community. Our mission is to explain Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) concepts, the current challenges of EHR implementation, and to connect you with the Healthcare IT resources, organizations, work groups, and conference events you need to achieve interoperability for your organization.

If all of your healthcare providers promptly gave you a secure standardized digital record of all your clinical information at the end of your appointments, as well as the ability to control and distribute your information, we would be well along the road to interoperability. To achieve interoperability one must carefully orchestrate a complex architecture and business process flow both within and without your organization to assemble the many pieces of a constantly changing puzzle. The exchange of semantically meaningful data is key to interoperability. The Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) create and develop data standards, for example HL7.

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