IMIA Applied Clinical Informatics Journal

The official eJournal of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), the online journal Applied Clinical Informatics (ACI), publishes approximately 100 peer-reviewed articles per year. It aims to establish a platform that allows sharing knowledge between clinical medicine and health IT specialists as well as bridging gaps between visionary design and successful and pragmatic deployment. See ACI Journal.

The core editorial subject matters of ACI are: clinical information systems including: electronic medical record (EMR) systems, personal health records (PHR), physician/provider order entry, electronic prescribing, clinical decision support, nursing information systems, patient scheduling and tracking tools, lab information systems, radiology information systems, and administrative systems.

The target group of ACI is an international readership consisting of chief information officers (CIO), chief executive officers (CEO), chief financial officers (CFO), medical informatics researchers, nurse informaticians, consultants, public health officials, vendors, health informatics trainees, and more.