Mirth Training & Certification Program

Mirth open source health IT solutions are used daily by thousands of health professionals across the U.S. to streamline care processes and to securely exchange health information.  Mirth offers two levels of Mirth Certification: a Fundamentals & Advanced Training. Learn how to run your solutions effectively.

In addition, get helpful materials such as a hands-on lab manual, channel programming guide, and quick reference books.

In Mirth Connect Fundamentals Certification Training, Mirth will cover everything from basic installation to Mirth Connectors.

During Mirth Connect Advanced Certification Training, for users who have completed the Mirth Fundamentals class, you’ll take an even deeper dive into building your own channels and applications with Mirth solutions. There are flexible options available, including on-site at your location or at one of their facilities.


Online Mirth connect training.

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This is Venkat Raghavan from Chennai, India. I would like to get Online Mirth connect training to gain practical knowledge and also to become certified. Kindly guide me further to pursue training and get certification.


Mirth Connect Training & Certification Program

I would like to enroll into Mirth Training & Certification Program.