Publications include major reports, studies, surveys, white papers, and peer reviewed journal articles focused on open source, health IT, and the health care industry.

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Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics

The Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics is a free, online journal providing a peer-reviewed venue for members of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association, and other researchers who work with nursing Informatics. Read More »

CapSite Strategic Healthcare Technology Reports

CapSite is a healthcare technology research and advisory firm.  Their mission is to provide strategic marketreports which enables their healthcare provider clients to save money on healthcare technology investments which should help drive down the overall cost of healthcare in the U.S. Read More »

Cenatic Foundation: International Status of Open Source Software 2010

The CENATIC Foundation released a report in 2010 on the International Status of Open Source Software. The report provides a thorough overview of the international context of open source software, creating a starting point for the identification of new business opportunities. Read More »

CHCF Publications

California Healthcare Foundation (CHCF)  is a nonprofit grantmaking philanthropic organization founded in 1996. Their focus is on improving healthcare in California by supporting ideas and innovations that improve quality, increase efficiency, and lower the costs of care. CHCF is based in Oakland, California. Read More »

CHCF Report: Consumers & Health Information Technology

According to a report produced by the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) based on a national survey in 2010, Americans tend to pay more attention and become more engaged in their own health and medical care when they have easy, online access to their health information. While the survey showed only 7% of adults currently use a personal health record (PHR) system, the numbers are growing. Read More »

CHCF Report: Open Source EHR Systems for Ambulatory Care

This 2008 report by the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) presents findings from an evaluation designed to determine whether open source electronic health record (EHR) systems are suitable for ambulatory care clinics. Read More »

CHCF Report: Open Source Software Primer for Health Care Leaders

This 2006 report by the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) examines the development and distribution of open source software and explores open source basics – what open source is all about and potential advantages of using open source solutions. Read More »

CIO.Com Survey: Open Source is Entering the Enterprise Mainstream

This white paper summarizes the finding of a 2008 survey by CIO Magazine. The statistics from the survey make it clear, open source solutions are becoming more commonplace in corporate IT shops. The survey showed that more than half the respondents are using open-source applications in their organization today and an additional 10 percent plan to do so in the next year. Read More »


CIO.Com White Paper: The ABC's of Open Source

A white paper published by the CIO Magazine on their web site about "The ABC's of Open Source". It addresses the following questions: Read More »

Climate Change & Human Health

The "Atlas of Health and Climate" is one of several publications and/or products generated by the unique collaboration between the meteorological and public health communities. Read More »

College Open Textbooks

The College Open Textbooks Collaborative is funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Read More »

Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), the rights licensing experts, is a global rights broker for the world’s most sought after materials, including in- and out-of-print books, journals, newspapers, magazines, movies, television shows, images, blogs and ebooks. Read More »

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization chartered to design methods and technologies to facilitate sharing of scientific, creative, and other intellectual works with the general public. Read More »

Designing Open Projects: Collaborating Across Boundries

Designing Open Projects: Lessons from Internet Pioneers, by David Witzel, IBM Center for the Business of Government, 2012. Read More »