With more than 900,000 page views every month, Open Health News (OHNews) is the news and reference website for open systems and free-market solutions for the Health IT  industry. Open Health News serves as a source of news and in-depth reporting and information for open health IT as well as a marketing platform for the open health movement.

We support the efforts of the open health community through news coverage, in depth reports, schedule of conferences, a resource section, and listings for companies, organizations, projects, solutions, and applications. In total a full spectrum of coverage that allow those looking for alternative to monopolistic software vendors and technologies with free market alternatives.

Our readers have found Open Health News to be the best source of research for free-market health IT solutions. This is evident from the amount of time they spend on the website, and the number of posts that they read. As detailed by Amazon’s Alexa Web Ranking Engine, visitors to Open Health News read between five and fifteen posts per visit. That is more than five times the number of posts they read on average at other health IT news sites. In total, the Alexa Web Ranking Engine ranks Open Health News as the #1 health IT news website in the world in its reader engagement categories (Table 2).

Open Health News is funded through advertisements, sponsorships and listings in the Marketplace/Resource section. Our current focus is building the Marketplace section. And this offer is reflected on this page. For questions about other marketing opportunities, please email here.

The Marketplace section, also known as the Resources section is one of the most visited sections of the website. It highlights products, solutions and companies  offering resources available in the open source software market. Operating as a clearinghouse for open source resources, developments and applications — listing in this section of Open Health News provides your company’s information to potential adopters and customers.

Annual listings range from basic descriptions to a more extensive, elaborate listing. An example listing is that of the highly regarded District Health Information System 2 (DHIS2). With more than 130,000 reads, this listing contains all the elements of an in-depth listing.

The Marketplace Listing package may include:

  • Company/organization description.
  • Product/solution description.
  • Logo.
  • Images, graphics, and tables.
  • Links to articles and press releases already posted.
  • Video content provided by the sponsor.

Marketplace listings come with a defined number of hyperlinks and social media links, as well as tags and categories, enabling readers to find needed information.

For $295, you can sponsor listings for organizations, projects and applications. These ads enable our staff to review content and improve listings. It is a 600x100 dpi “banner” ad that will go at the bottom of the page. An example can be seen at the bottom of the DHIS2 page.

To obtain a copy of  for a rate sheet for the full Sponsorship package, or for any questions regarding the Marketplace Listings, please email a request here.