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A Trip Through A 3D-Modeled Brain

Megan Garber | The Atlantic | August 7, 2013

Brains are, by design, incredibly dense. Whether a particular brain belongs to a human or a mouse, it features layer upon layer of matter that twists and turns and is almost incomprehensible in its complexity... Read More »

MIT and DARPA Pack Lidar Sensor Onto Single Chip

Christopher V. Poulton and Michael R. Watts | IEEE Spectrum | August 4, 2016

Light detection and ranging, or lidar, is a sensing technology based on laser light. It’s similar to radar, but can have a higher resolution, since the wavelength of light is about 100,000 times smaller than radio wavelengths. For robots, this is very important: Since radar cannot accurately image small features, a robot equipped with only a radar module would have a hard time grasping a complex object. At the moment, primary applications of lidar are autonomous vehicles and robotics, but also include terrain and ocean mapping and UAVs...

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Public Access 3-D Viewer Puts Supernova Remnant Into The Hands Of The People

Tamarra Kemsley | Nature World News | November 16, 2013

NASA and the Smithsonian Institution have teamed up to allow people everywhere to interact with a 3-D version of one of the sky's most famous objects, known as the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant. Read More »