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AHIMA Conference: Reporter's notebook on consumers, mobile health, and telemedicine

Tom Sullivan | mHealth News | November 1, 2013

Perhaps the best advice [Iverson Bell, MD], gave attendees at the AHIMA Convention and Exhibit, where both he and [Travis Good] spoke, was that technology is merely an enabler.

“Focus on the patient,” Bell said, “not the device.” Read More »

DeSalvo Strikes Interoperability Chord At AHIMA Conference

Bernie Monegain | Healthcare IT News | September 30, 2014

ONC chief Karen DeSalvo, MD, promised an audience of AHIMA members that the government would act "fast into interoperability." She drew applause when she added, "We cannot wait for 10 years to get this done." DeSalvo emphasized that every other industry has already achieved interoperability. Read More »

Ignoring the Obvious: Major Health IT Organizations Put Aside Patients

Andy Oram | EMR & HIPAA | November 18, 2016

Frustrated stories from patients as well as health care providers repeatedly underline the importance of making a seismic shift in the storage and control of patient data. The current system leads to inaccessible records, patients who reach nursing homes or other treatment centers without information crucial to their care, excess radiation from repeated tests, massive data breaches that compromise thousands of patients at a time, and–most notably for quality–patients excluded from planning their own care.

A simple solution became available over the past 25 years with the widespread adoption of the Web, and has been rendered even easier by modern Software as a Service (SaaS): storing the entire record over the patient’s lifetime with the patient....

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Open Health Tools (OHT) Building for the Future

At the Open Health Tools (OHT) board meeting held this week in Baltimore, the OHT executive management team laid out the next steps to be taken as they work with the growing number of member organizations to transition into the next phase of their strategic plan. The board meeting was presided over by Dr. Robert Kolodner, the acting Chief Executive Officer of OHT.

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