data shredding technology

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Cyber Reliant

Cyber Reliant provides quantum-resistant cyber protection of the data elements themselves. They assume the perimeter is breached and use a unique "data shredding" technology to shred voice, video, and data files along with the encryption key material. Data shreds are then dispersed across the device or cloud storage, preventing any attribution of the shreds and eliminating the recombination of identifiable data.

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Bad Actors Find Ways In - Webinar with RunSafe and Cyber Reliant

Event Details
July 1, 2020 - 11:00am - 12:00pm

Next Wednesday (July 1 at 1100 EST) two cyber technology companies that may will be discussing how their technologies can protect data, software, and hardware, even when a network is breached, the supply chain is compromised, and nefarious insiders have access. The two companies are Cyber Reliant and RunSafe Security.

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