Bad Actors Find Ways In - Webinar with RunSafe and Cyber Reliant

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July 1, 2020 - 11:00am - 12:00pm

This webinar took place on July 1. A full video of the webinar can be found below. For a copy of the power point presentations, please email the webinar organizer James Murphy

Next Wednesday (July 1 at 1100 EST) two cyber technology companies that may will be discussing how their technologies can protect data, software, and hardware, even when a network is breached, the supply chain is compromised, and nefarious insiders have access. The two companies are Cyber Reliant and RunSafe Security.



RunSafe and Cyber Reliant: Bad Actors Find Ways In
July 1, 2020: 11am to 12pm EST

  • Introduction - James Murphy, Mission Essentials
  • Case Study - Secure Data Despite Cyber Attack, John Suit, Cyber Reliant
  • Case Study - Secure Software Despite Cyber Attack, Joe Saunders, RunSafe Security
  • Q&A - James Murphy and Audience Participants

James MurphyCyber Reliant provides quantum-resistant cyber protection of the data elements themselves. They assume the perimeter is breached and use a unique "data shredding" technology to shred voice, video, and data files along with the encryption key material. Data shreds are then dispersed across the device or cloud storage, preventing any attribution of the shreds and eliminating the recombination of identifiable data. Cyber Reliant can protect data at rest, in transit, and in use. They can also protect data over RF, including wireless networks and cellular, as well as voice and video feeds without any perceptible latency.

RunSafe Security provides cyber hardening of binary code on devices and embedded systems. They also assume the perimeter is breached. Their technology "stirs" or "transforms" the existing software on a device so that it becomes "logically unique" while remaining functionally unchanged, and therefore no longer identical to the code hackers access to develop their exploits. The uniformity and determinism hackers need to start and propagate their attacks is removed and their memory corruption attacks are rendered inert. RunSafe requires no new software to run on any device with binary code (data center components, SCADA systems, aircraft components, radios, weapon systems, sensors, etc.). They do not need access to source code for their transform tool to protect your existing in-place equipment (even legacy devices running on end-of-life/end-of-support operating systems).

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