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Belgian Hospitals use Open Source Imaging Tool

Two hospitals in the Belgian city of Liège are using Orthanc to exchange their medical imaging information. Three more hospitals are considering to start using this free and open source software solution for the management of their medical images. This lightweight system, developed at the University Hospital of Liège, helps hospitals to facilitate the exchange between clinical departments, specialists and hospitals. The software allows them to archive and retrieve images, while offering scalability and flexibility.

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Force 3 Expands Medical Imaging Offering with Acquisition of Open Source secureRAD

Press Release | Force 3 | June 4, 2012

“The acquisition of secureRAD allows Force 3 to offer technology that addresses the significant market for medical imaging, building on our growing customer base in healthcare,” said Chris Knotts, Force 3 Vice President of Technology and Innovation. “secureRAD owns customer relationships in the commercial and government space and the company’s focus on open source software running on low-cost, off-the-shelf hardware has tremendous market potential.” Read More »

ICT for Health to Close PACS Registration by 8th of March

Press Release | ICT for Health | March 6, 2012

ICT for Health announced earlier closure of registration on its 6th PACS seminar in the Middle East. Registration is open till the end of this week. Read More »

Image Sharing Grows in Importance

Joseph Goedert | Health Data Management | August 29, 2016

Despite the importance of developing an enterprise medical imaging approach, the strategy requires the easy exchange of images, and achieving that interoperability is a major challenge, according to results of a recent survey. Still, more than half of 100 surveyed IT leaders in healthcare organizations say their facility has an enterprise imaging strategy—a major component supporting the move to interoperability—and 54 percent say specialists at their facility can electronically exchange images with patients, providers and referring sites...

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Interoperability among Connected Medical Devices Can Potentially Transform Healthcare

Press Release | Frost & Sullivan | May 26, 2015

Connected health infrastructure is emerging as a binding agent for diverse devices and workflows, aiding diagnosis, monitoring and prevention in the healthcare industry. For such an infrastructure to be efficient, stakeholders must first ensure that interoperability and connectivity standards are in place. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Healthcare and Medical Device Connectivity and Interoperability, finds that the adoption of connected healthcare infrastructure is not uniform across the world. This is primarily due to the lack of a holistic digital healthcare strategy that focuses on integrated care models.

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lifeIMAGE and the Quest for Medical Imaging Exchange

Andy Oram | O'Reilly Radar | October 15, 2011

Medical imaging--first X-Rays, and later CAT scans, ultrasound, and MRIs--was one of the first areas of medicine to computerize, and images are routinely distributed in digital format around the world for diagnosis, training, and storage. Read More »

Open-Source Tool Enables Vendor-Neutral CT Does Archiving

Eric Barnes | Aunt Minnie Healthcare IT Digital Community | January 4, 2012

Researchers in Boston have developed an automated radiation-exposure monitoring system that extracts detailed CT exposure data from image repositories. Thanks to optical character recognition (OCR) software, the open-source software scheme can gather data from virtually any CT scanner model, even older ones without DICOM-based dose displays. Read More »

SecureRAD Launches Free Medical Imaging Exchange secureSHARE

Press Release | secureRAD | January 25, 2012

secureRAD, a global healthcare information systems provider, on Monday announced the launch of its new cloud-based service for the easy sharing of medical images. Developed for healthcare facilities, physicians and patients to exchange medical images with the speed and simplicity of email, secureSHARE is secureRAD’s latest offering aimed at expediting the patient-care process.

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Study: Diagnostic Imaging on iPads Twice As Slow

Brian Dolan | Mobi Health News | January 31, 2012

A study from the University of Maryland found that radiologists using iPad 2s to evaluate patients for tuberculosis (TB) took twice as long to make a diagnosis as they did when using a 27-inch LCD monitor. Still, the study of 200 negative and 40 positive TB cases that included five radiologists, found the two displays to yield no significant differences when it came to diagnostic decisions. Read More »

SynApps Solutions and Alfresco Launch Open Source VNA Medical Content Platform

Press Release | SynApps | March 26, 2015

Content management leader SynApps Solutions and key technology partner Alfresco are today launching the Open Source VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) medical data system for the UK health market – based on Alfresco’s award-winning technology and functionality from integration leader J4Care, delivered and supported via SynApps’ extensive professional skills and resources. VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) platform is a strongly-emerging standards-based way of extending PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) services to manage DICOM and other format content so as to make the sharing of medical and patient information as easy, secure and safe as possible.

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Toolkit compiles anatomy-specific dose data from existing image archive

Staff | Health Imaging | June 7, 2012

Researchers have created an open-source informatics toolkit to capture CT radiation dose information from an enterprise image archive, demonstrating that it is possible to create large-scale anatomy-specific radiation exposure data repositories using existing archival information, according to an article published online June 5 in Radiology. Read More »