Study: Diagnostic Imaging on iPads Twice As Slow

Brian Dolan | Mobi Health News | January 31, 2012

A study from the University of Maryland found that radiologists using iPad 2s to evaluate patients for tuberculosis (TB) took twice as long to make a diagnosis as they did when using a 27-inch LCD monitor. Still, the study of 200 negative and 40 positive TB cases that included five radiologists, found the two displays to yield no significant differences when it came to diagnostic decisions.

Those diagnostic imaging applications that have secured FDA clearance, like Mobile MIM or Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD, are cleared to be used when a traditional, larger display is not immediately available.

This study used OsiriX HD viewing software for the iPad 2s and OsiriX viewing software on a 27-inch iMac monitor. Medical student Samir Abboud presented the research at the RSNA meeting in Chicago last year, according to the report in