drug addiction

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As Database Robs Real Pain Patients Of Privacy, Junkies Switch To Heroin

Jack Furnari | BizPac Review | February 17, 2013

Drug addicts always find a way. Like gun control, most drug laws do nothing but make life harder for law-abiding citizens. Read More »

Drug Cops Want Open Access To Your Medical Records

Radley Balko | Washington Post | January 24, 2014

stories about ADHD drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, a number of politicians, pundits, and public health activists have demanded better monitoring of doctors and patients. [...] Read More »

Heroin Taking Oxy's Place For More Addicts

Nicole Brochu | Sun Sentinel | February 19, 2013

The state's war on pill mills is making an impact, but there's a troubling byproduct: a surge in the number of people now hooked on heroin. Read More »