As Database Robs Real Pain Patients Of Privacy, Junkies Switch To Heroin

Jack Furnari | BizPac Review | February 17, 2013

Drug addicts always find a way. Like gun control, most drug laws do nothing but make life harder for law-abiding citizens. Shutting down and prosecuting pill mills in Florida was an important achievement, and the law signed by Gov. Rick Scott in June 2011 helped put those drug pushers out of business. But Scott originally opposed the bill because it established a prescription drug database that many conservatives believe would violate the public’s right to privacy, while making it harder for legitimate patients suffering real pain to receive proper medication.

In February 2009, as a blogger for the Sun Sentinel, I wrote:

The State of Florida should not have the right to track our private and legal relationships with our doctors.  As it is now, if you get your face caught in a blender and your leg eaten by a wood chipper, you’re lucky if the doctor tosses you a Tylenol after sewing you back together...