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As Database Robs Real Pain Patients Of Privacy, Junkies Switch To Heroin

Jack Furnari | BizPac Review | February 17, 2013

Drug addicts always find a way. Like gun control, most drug laws do nothing but make life harder for law-abiding citizens. Read More »

VA Releases Findings On Deaths, Injuries From Delayed Tests

Howard Altman | TBO: The Tampa Tribune | April 7, 2014

Three veterans died and nine others were injured as the result of delays in treatment for gastrointestinal cancers in the VA’s Sunshine Healthcare Network serving Florida, southern Georgia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, according to a much-anticipated VA report released Monday. The report also laid out corrective measures being taken to prevent similar problems in the future

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Way To Go Florida: Governor Signs Law That Accidentally Bans All Computers & Smartphones

Mike Masnick | Techdirt | July 9, 2013

They must put something in the water in Florida. The latest is that the state has effectively banned all computers, tablets and smartphones. Yes, all of them. Apparently there was a hastily passed law, CS/HB 155: Prohibition of Electronic Gambling Devices, which as you might guess, is supposed to be about banning electronic gambling devices... Read More »