emergency room (ER)

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A Simple Request From The Front Lines Of Healthcare

Garrison Bliss | The Hill | March 4, 2014

I know that there is going to be another scuffle over the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). I know that we have already paid $150 billion on “doc fixes” since 1997, and I know that everyone in healthcare is trying to make sure that their ox will not be gored.

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As Hospital Prices Soar, A Stitch Tops $500

Elisabeth Rosenthal | New York Times | December 2, 2013

With blood oozing from deep lacerations, the two patients arrived at California Pacific Medical Center’s tidy emergency room. Deepika Singh, 26, had gashed her knee at a backyard barbecue. Orla Roche, a rambunctious toddler on vacation with her family, had tumbled from a couch, splitting open her forehead on a table... Read More »

ER Doctors Use Google Glass And QR Codes To Identify Patients

Jon Brodkin | Ars Technica | March 12, 2014

A tech-savvy hospital in Boston developed a custom information-retrieval system for Google Glass, which lets ER doctors scan a QR code on the wall of each room to call up information about patients...

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ERs Have Become De Facto Psych Wards

Press Release | American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) | April 24, 2013

Long waits for insurance authorization allowing psychiatric patients to be admitted to the hospital from the emergency department waste thousands of hours of physician time, given that most requests for authorization are ultimately granted... Read More »

Former VA Official: Obamacare Puts Vets At Risk

Bryant Jordan | Military.com | May 3, 2013

The Affordable Care Act -- generally known as “Obamacare” -- could lead to increased health complications, emergency room visits and even shorter life spans for some veterans, according to a former under secretary of Health for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Read More »

Hospitals Demand Payment Upfront From ER Patients With Routine Problems

Phil Galewitz | Kaiser Health News | February 20, 2012

Next time you go to an emergency room, be prepared for this: If your problem isn't urgent, you may have to pay upfront. Last year, about 80,000 emergency-room patients at hospitals owned by HCA, the nation's largest for-profit hospital chain, left without treatment after being told they would have to first pay $150 because they did not have a true emergency. Read More »

How Much Does An Emergency Room Visit Cost?

Jeanne Pinder | Clear Health Costs | October 9, 2012

A man crashes his bike and gets taken to the emergency room. The bill is more than $20,000 for the visit, which lasts a bit over 2 hours. He was taken to the highest level adult trauma center near the site of the crash in the Austin, Texas, area — University Medical Center Brackenridge, which is operated by the Seton Healthcare Family. So how much does an emergency-room visit cost? Read More »

How Much Will I Be Charged?

Press Release | UCSF | February 26, 2013

It’s a basic, reasonable question: How much will this cost me? For patients in the emergency room, the answer all too often is a mystery. Read More »

Intermountain Healthcare Sued For Allegedly Blocking Competition

Kirsten Stewart | The Salt Lake Tribune | June 5, 2013

Hospital chain refused to refer stroke patients to urgent care clinic, causing patient harm and clinic to close, lawsuit alleges. Read More »

Lincoln County Healthcare Seeks To Merge Hospitals, Retain $5 Million In Federal Funding

Beth Brogan | Bangor Daily News | April 22, 2013

Despite plans to close St. Andrews Hospital’s emergency room in October, Lincoln County Healthcare will seek to retain the hospital’s critical access status and $5 million in federal funding through a merger of St. Andrews and Miles Memorial Hospital in Damariscotta. Read More »