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Oroville Hospital CEO Tells the Story of their Successful VistA EHR Self-Implementation at VistA Expo 2011

One of most exciting presentations at the VistaEXPO 2011 conference was given by Robert Wentz, Hospital Administrator and CEO of Oroville Hospital, a regional hospital in the beautiful mountains of Northern California. Oroville Hospital has achieved a whole series of milestones in close partnership with the VistA community. These range from a full implementation of VistA in the hospital and most of its 20 clinics, to the achievement of full meaningful use certification.

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Oroville Hospital's CMO Discusses VistA Implementation and CPOE - Part 1

Matthew N. Fine | Russ Cucina MD, MS | November 28, 2012

On October 16, 2012, Oroville Hospital turned on the CPOE component of its EHR, becoming the first individual US hospital to successfully adapt the Veterans’ Administration’s highly regarded electronic medical records system. How did a small, 153 bed semirural California hospital serving a mostly Medicare and MediCal population arrive at this place? Read More »

Oroville Hospital's CMO Discusses VistA Implementation and CPOE - Part 2

Matthew N. Fine | Russ Cucina MD, MS | December 10, 2012

This is the second in Dr Fine’s two-part series describing Oroville Hospital‘s implementation of VistA, the open-source EHR developed by the Veterans’ Administration. In his first post, he discussed their strategic approach and initial experiences with electronic documentation. Here, he picks up with Oroville Hospital’s CPOE go-live. Read More »

VistA Expo 2012: Rob Tweed to Offer Rapid Web Application Development Training at the VistA Expo

Press Release | DSS, Inc., VistA Expo & Symposium, M/Gateway Developments, Ltd. | August 15, 2012

The VistA Expo and Symposium announced that Rob Tweed of M/Gateway Developments, Ltd. will teach a three-day intensive training course in rapid web application development with Enterprise Web Developer (EWD), just prior to the start of the Expo & Symposium in Seattle. The course will run September 8-10 and the Expo September 11-14 at the same venue. The course will provide in-depth training in the installation, configuration and use of EWD, which is fast becoming the de-facto toolset for web-enablement of VistA.
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