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Mobile Health: Human API Helps Developers Enter The New Growth Market

Mark Boyd | ProgrammableWeb | July 16, 2013

The release of the Human API may help untangle the complex web of big data, insurance standards, health care sensors, and disease causal pathways that currently prevents many developers from designing health applications. The Human API offers a platform to make human health data available through a RESTful interface, using OAuth 2.0 authentication. Read More »

Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall

Dave Chase | Forbes | June 5, 2013

Remarkable progress has been made since I posted a recap of the first White House Roundtable on Patient Access to Health Data took place a year ago that I’ve appended below. Read More »

New App May Help Pregnant Women Around The World

Kat Snow | KQed | November 15, 2012

An award-winning app developed in the Bay Area aims to help pregnant women stay healthy and reduce the number of maternal deaths worldwide. Read More »

Noom’s Android Fitness App Another Example Of Why Smartphones Are The Original Wearable Computers

Ki Mae Heussner | GigaOM | June 11, 2013

For aspiring Quantified Selfers who don’t want to bother with additional hardware, Noom has launched a new smartphone-based pedometer app. Read More »

ONC Announces Winners Of Blue Button + Challenge

Adam Wong | HealthITBuzz | September 16, 2013

The winner of ONC’s Blue Button Co-Design Challenge, the third challenge this year, is GenieMD! Read More »

ONC, FDA Aligning App Guidance With Broader Health IT Policy

Greg Slabodkin | FierceMobileHealthcare | June 22, 2013

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has taken a leadership position in promoting the implementation of health IT across the country. Read More »

Poor Uptake By Healthcare Workers In mHealth Pilot Program

Greg Slabodkin | FierceMobileHealthcare | June 10, 2013

A pilot study of an app for mobile healthcare workers in a rural South African multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) treatment program has valuable lessons for scaling new mHealth initiatives in other resource-constrained environments, concludes an article published in PLoS Medicine. Read More »

Saving Lives One App At A Time

Press Release | Blue Button, Humetrix | January 3, 2014

Although health and fitness apps have been featured at CES for some time, this year, Humetrix will showcase two medical apps designed to save lives and improve health outcomes: ICEBlueButton [...] and iBlueButton [...]. Read More »

Seven For ‘13

Ewan Davis | eHealth Insider | December 20, 2012

Ewan Davis looks back at 2012 and identifies the trends – from hackdays to open source to patient-held records – that will reshape NHS IT in 2013 and beyond. Read More »

Summary Of “ITdotHealth II” – The 2012 Harvard Health IT Meeting

Staff Writer | SMART Platforms | September 14, 2012

The following is an overview of the conference, held September 10-11, 2012. In several weeks, we will post a complete executive summary, as well as videos and slide presentations from the event. Read More »

Telehealth, Blue Button Boost VA To “Most Wired” List

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | July 22, 2013

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has joined the ranks of the nation’s “Most Wired” hospitals for the first time this year, scooping a spot on the Hospitals & Health Networks’ honor roll due to its telehealth, mHealth, and patient engagement efforts. Read More »

The 'Digital Dystopia': 4 Thoughts from AMA CEO Dr. James Madara

Akanksha Jayanthi | Becker's Health IT & CIO Review | June 13, 2016

Not all digital tools are created equal, and some of these tools are detrimental to patient care. This was the message James Madara, MD, executive vice president and CEO of the American Medical Association, expressed in his address at the 2016 AMA Annual Meeting. Dr. Madara compared the current digital health landscape, "something I might call our digital dystopia", to the "quackery" of snake oil remedies.Here are four thoughts from Dr. Madara's address...

Read More »

The Elusive Quest To Transform Healthcare Through Patient Empowerment

Andy Oram | O'Reilly Strata | May 23, 2013

Would you take a morning off from work to discuss health care costs and consumer empowerment in health care? Over a hundred people in the Boston area did so on Monday, May 6, for the conference “Empowering Healthcare Consumers... Read More »

The Right to Repair Ourselves

Geoffrey Fowler wrote an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal: We Need the Right to Repair Our Gadgets.  He describes how manufacturers have made it difficult for us to fix our personal tech gadgets (The Guardian concluded the same earlier this year), and discusses how he's managed to overcome some of those obstacles. As I was reading it, I kept thinking, boy, replace "gadgets" with "our bodies" and "manufacturers" with "health care professionals," and he could be talking about health care.

The Road To Health Is Paved With Good Nutrition Apps

Vivian Wagner | TechNewsWorld | June 25, 2013

Nutrition apps make it easier than ever to eat wisely. Perhaps you'd like help organizing food inventories and shopping, coming up with meal plans and finding recipes. You might be interested in an app that tracks your food consumption in light of established goals. Read More »