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A Potential Passport for Care Coordination

Gabriel Perna | Healthcare Informatics | April 27, 2012

Steven D. Freedman, M.D. is looking to improve communication between patients and physicians, not only during the office visit, but beyond it as well.  Freedman...started up the Passport to Trust foundation alongside Mark Aronson, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, to do just that and improve the overall patient-physician encounter. Read More »

DeSalvo Sets Her Sights On Big Data

Diana Manos | HealthcareITNews | April 11, 2014

ONC chief Karen DeSalvo said it’s time for ONC to drive healthcare beyond the meaningful use of electronic health records toward the use of big data. “We have done a great job in the past ten years to get where we are, but I am really excited about the next decade to advance this notion to get data beyond meaningful use and advancing interoperability,” she said Thursday in a keynote on Capitol Hill.

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Digitized 'Passport' Plan Aims to Improve Doc-patient Interaction

Dan Bowman | Fierce Health IT | April 30, 2012

A Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center program to get patients more involved in their own care is getting a digital makeover, according to a report from Healthcare Informatics. Read More »

Health Cloud Grows In Europe

Dillan Yogendra | HIEWatch | July 25, 2013

Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a key enabler for enterprise-wide solutions. In the healthcare IT market, implementing cloud computing technologies effectively can assist European healthcare providers to improve the quality of medical services and the efficiency of operations, share information geographically, and manage overheads. Read More »

Jackie Mulrooney

Jackie Mulrooney is Owner, Founder, and President of J P Systems, Inc., a Healthcare Information Technology (Health IT) consulting firm that was named one of the 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies of 2020. J P Systems specializes in Healthcare Informatics through terminology mapping, data standardization, enterprise data architecture, and data quality improvement. Since 1999, Mrs. Mulrooney and her renowned SMEs have worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

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Lindsay Westervelt

Lindsay Westervelt is a Technical Writer and Project Support Specialist for J P Systems, Inc. At J P Systems, Ms. Westervelt leads social media content production efforts and assists with designing and developing J P Systems’ marketing materials. She also edits project deliverables and manages client onboarding tasks. J P Systems is a Healthcare Information Technology (Health IT) consulting firm that was named one of the 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies of 2020. The firm specializes in Healthcare Informatics through terminology mapping, data standardization, enterprise data architecture, and data quality improvement.

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NantHealth Acquires Harris Healthcare Solutions

Press Release | NantHealth | July 16, 2015

NantHealth, a subsidiary of NantWorks, LLC, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Harris Corporation’s (NYSE:HRS) commercial Healthcare Solutions business, a clinical systems integration innovator. Harris retained its government healthcare services business. NantHealth’s existing cOS, eviti and omics platforms, combined with Harris’ FusionFX® suite of products, delivers on the promise of whole health systems integration and revolutionizes the patient-clinician experience by bringing molecular medicine insights directly to the point-of-care.

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Systems Need To Be Simplified To Maximise Anaesthetics Efficiency

Staff Writer | The Information Daily | August 22, 2013

The way data is handled by healthcare services needs to simplified in order to efficiently utilise new technologies. One way to do this is by introducing greater collaboration between software developers and users. Read More »

US and UK working to strengthen use of health IT for better patient care

Press Release | US Department of Health and Human Services | January 23, 2014

As the use of health information technology (health IT) grows in both the United States and the United Kingdom, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and U.K. Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt today signed a bi-lateral agreement for the use and sharing of health IT information and tools. The agreement strengthens efforts to cultivate and increase the use of health IT tools and information designed to help improve the quality and efficiency of the delivery of health care in both countries.

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US-UK sign healthcare IT MoU

Lis Evenstad | ehi | January 23, 2014

NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre will sign a healthcare IT memorandum of understanding with the US Department for Health and Social Services today. The MoU focuses on sharing common values around healthcare informatics and making it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to get a foot in the door on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Introducing the 1% Open Digital Platform Challenge Fund push

Event Details
July 6, 2017 - 7:30am - 8:30am

The 1% Open Digital Platform Challenge Fund has been proposed by Dr Tony Shannon and Ewan Davis as a means to harness 1% of NHS IT funding towards this end. Thus far the 1% fund has received 48 Expressions of Interest from across the 5 Nations of the UK & Ireland totalling £60m in value. The team behind this push will use the Digital Health webinar to update the CCIO and CIO communities as they work to generate community, support and funding to ensure the #1PerCentFund movement gathers pace and momentum across health and care in UK , Ireland and beyond. Read More »