Introducing the 1% Open Digital Platform Challenge Fund push

Event Details
July 6, 2017 - 7:30am - 8:30am

Within the context of a world in turmoil and healthcare systems under pressure, the gap between expectations and the reality of the healthcare IT market is growing. Challenges with the usability, interoperability and flexibility of systems are significant, demanding innovation and improvements across the sector. While investment in the "usual suspects" will move us so far, a growing community are keen to explore the benefits of a collaborating towards an open platform in healthcare to meet the needs of 21st Century Healthcare.

The 1% Open Digital Platform Challenge Fund has been proposed by Dr Tony Shannon and Ewan Davis as a means to harness 1% of NHS IT funding towards this end. Thus far the 1% fund has received 48 Expressions of Interest from across the 5 Nations of the UK & Ireland totalling £60m in value. The team behind this push will use the Digital Health webinar to update the CCIO and CIO communities as they work to generate community, support and funding to ensure the #1PerCentFund movement gathers pace and momentum across health and care in UK , Ireland and beyond.



  • Dr Tony Shannon, Director of Ripple Foundation and Director of Frectal
  • Ewan Davis, CEO of Operon and director Woodcote consulting