ICD-10 codes

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Conversion To New Government Codes For Healthcare Providers Could Spark More Confusion

Gene Marcial | Forbes | June 25, 2013

If you think the issue of healthcare is already a big source of confusion, wait till medical providers try to divine the new diagnostic “codes” the government has prescribed to describe diseases and hospital procedures for insurance companies to pay the costs involved... Read More »

Fine Tuning The National Healthcare IT Timeline

John Halamka | Life As A Healthcare CIO | November 20, 2013

As I work with healthcare leaders in Boston, in New England, and throughout the country, I'm seeing signs that well resourced medical centers will struggle with Meaningful Use stage 2 attestation, ICD-10 go live, HIPAA Omnibus Rule readiness, and Accountable Care Act implementation, all of which have 2013-2014 deadlines... Read More »

Halamka: 2015 In Review

It’s now December and as each year ends, I always look back on the challenges and achievements of the past 12 months. Here’s my sense of 2015. ICD10 - billions were spent, countless other projects were delayed, and the transition occurred on October 1 without a major incident...Did we get our money’s worth? I have argued and will continue to assert that ICD-10 benefited no one. The diagnoses used are more variable so there is less precision in their use. Clinical documentation (in general in the industry) does not have the specificity needed to justify the more granular ICD-10 codes. The notion that quality measures can now be computed more accurately from ICD-10 coded administrative data is just not true...

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Halamka: Stage 2 Meaningful Use, ICD-10 Timelines Unrealistic

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | November 20, 2013

The current slew of health IT initiatives slated to hit the healthcare industry over the next year or so place unrealistic expectations on beleaguered providers [...]. Between Stage 2 of meaningful use, ICD-10 implementation, the HIPAA Omnibus rule, and the Affordable Care Act, providers simply have too much to handle in too short a timeframe to make everything work the way rule makers hope it will. [...] Read More »

The AMA's Specific Problem With ICD-10 Implementation

Carl Natale | Government Health IT | June 28, 2013

The American Medical Association's (AMA) decisions to reaffirm it's vigorous opposition to ICD-10 implementation and ask for a two-year grace period surprised me. Read More »

VA, DoD Climb The Stairs To Interoperability Together

Michael O'Connell | Federal News Radio | November 14, 2013

Leaders in the healthcare community are thinking of ways they can use data to improve the quality of health care. The departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense have joined forces to create VistA Evolution, a system that allows the exchange of electronic health records information between the two. Read More »