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In The Digital Age, Science Publishing Needs An Upgrade (Op Ed)

11/27/2014 | LiveScience | November 27, 2014

Quick quiz, which is bigger: the global music industry or scientific publishing? You may be surprised to learn that the music industry racks up $15 billion each year in sales, whereas scientific publishing quietly brings in $19 billion...

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Kill [This] Bill in Congress: The Research Works Act

Scott Strumello | Scott's Web Log | May 8, 2012

Academic scholars and patient advocacy groups realized that valuable research findings — already paid for by U.S. taxpayers — were effectively being hidden from the very taxpayers who had actually PAID for this research, and what's more, keeping the findings hidden was not advancing the fields of research as intended. So a number of groups began lobbying lawmakers for more "open access" to this research. Federally-funded biomedical research [in PubMed Central] could be accessed via the U.S. National Library of Medicine, which is funded by National Institutes of Health using a link in PubMed.

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Next Steps In Reproducibility

Damian Pattinson and Virginia Barbour | PLOS | November 13, 2014

In last week’s Nature and Science, the outcome of a meeting convened by NIH, Nature, and Science to discuss the issue of lack of reproducibility in the basic science research literature was published...

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This Is What 'Instagram For Doctors' Looks Like

Lindsay Abrams | The Atlantic | June 12, 2013

Dr. Joshua Landy is envisioning a new way for doctors to learn from one another. A Toronto-based intensive care physician by trade, Landy is the co-founder of Figure 1, a "crowdsourced photo sharing app for health care professionals." [...] Read More »

Unintentional Benefits Of Open Access: The Broader Impact Of Making Publications Free

Atif Kukaswadia | | December 10, 2012

[...] But now we’ve moved into a world where everything is done electronically. Through the power of PubMed, Google Scholar and numerous others, you can obtain PDFs of many articles via your institution. And now, many of those articles are available under Open Access rules – so anyone can access them, regardless of academic affiliation. [...] Read More »