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NASA open government team broadens focus to innovation

Luke Fretwell | FedScoop | January 28, 2013

In true startup fashion, NASA’s open government team has mastered the art of the government “pivot.”  Popularized by “The Lean Startup“ author Eric Ries, the concept of the pivot centers around an organization’s ability to adapt its focus based on the realization of new market potential or service need. Read More »

NASA Open Source Project Back On Track

Frank Konkel | FWC | February 11, 2013

NASA’s shift to open-source content management is back on after the incumbent contractor withdrew a bid protest on Feb. 4. The withdrawal of the protest [...]  allows InfoZen to begin replacing NASA’s existing content management system with open source architecture to run its 140 websites and 1,600 web assets and applications.

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NASA Opens It Open-Source Code Doors

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | ZD Net | January 5, 2012

The idea of this new Web-site is to “continue, unify, and expand NASA’s open source activities. The site will serve to surface existing projects, provide a forum for discussing projects and processes, and guide internal and external groups in open development, release, and contribution.” That’s all for the best since, while NASA started formally supporting open-source software in 2003, those efforts have usually not been very co-ordinated.

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NASA Plans Cloud Marketplace For Scientists

J. Nicholas Hoover | Information Week | November 3, 2011

NASA, already among the government leaders in cloud computing, plans to offer a cloud storefront where scientists will be able to determine their computing needs and access cloud services from a central location. Read More »

NASA Promotes Open Source with New Website

Elizabeth Montalbano | Information Week | January 4, 2012

NASA has added a new website and public forum to a growing list of efforts dedicated to the agency's open-source strategy. Through, the agency plans to "continue, unify and expand" its open-source activities by posting information about and providing an online hub for its open-source activities, according to a blog post by William Eshagh of NASA's Ames Research Center. Read More »

NASA Wants to Put Web Services in Agile-Like Cloud

Rutrell Yasin | Government Computer News | February 7, 2012

NASA’s Office of the CIO is looking for contractors to improve management of its websites — primarily — and ancillary services including content management, search, and collaborative tools such as blogs and wikis.

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NASA Wants You To Help Build More APIs

Curtis C. Chen | ProgrammableWeb | October 1, 2012

Space is big. Really big. That means a lot of information, and where there’s data, there’s opportunity for automation. Now, NASA wants your help to create new APIs for its extensive and ever-growing data archives. Read More »

NASA Wants Your Help Finding Asteroids, Tracking Weather

Ariel Schwartz | Co.Exist | January 1, 2012

We believe that tomorrow’s space and science systems will be built in the open. This isn’t NASA’s first experiment in open sourcing. The open.NASA project is working on open-source cloud computing, on-demand videos, citizen engagement tools, and more. 

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NASA's Nick Skytland and William Eshagh on the New Open Source Initiative

Luke Fretwell | FedScoop Radio | January 23, 2012

AUDIO - FedScoop’s Luke Fretwell talks with NASA’s Nick Skytland and William Eshagh about the agency’s new open source project

On January 4, NASA launched the agency-wide open source initiative, aimed at centralizing the agency’s open source software efforts and creating a collaborative environment to discuss issues related to its use.

NASA: Prize Money a Bargain for Better Software

William Jackson | Government Computer News | January 9, 2012

In October 2010, NASA and the Harvard Business School launched the NASA Tournament Lab, an online platform for contests between independent programmers who compete to create software and algorithms and solve computational problems. Read More »

Nebula, NASA, and OpenStack

Ray O’Brien | Open.NASA | June 4, 2012

This post by Ray O’Brien (Former Nebula Project Manager, NASA Ames Research Center CIO, Acting) was originally posted to The Nebula Cloud Computing Platform was the Flagship Initiative for NASA’s first Open Government Plan, and much has been learned, accomplished, and created over the course of this project. Thanks to the team who worked so hard and invested so much in this groundbreaking effort.

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Old NASA Employee Made an Open Source Spaceship

John | Tech Jost | December 10, 2011

An old Danish NASA employee made a spaceship with an open source license. So if you have the time and the money you can make one for yourself at home. Read More »

Open Source and the Cloud: An Interview with Josh McKenty of Piston Cloud

Dana Blankenhorn | Open Source Delivers | January 25, 2012

Cloud will be the same. Hard work needs to be done first, under the surface, before it can really explode onto the marketplace. Even after 95% of the technical work is done, education will be required before it’s accepted. Just as with Linux. Read More »

Open Source OpenStack ARMs the Cloud

Sean Michael Kerner | ServerWatch | July 18, 2012

...OpenStack now has the support of major IT vendors including Cisco, HP, Dell, AT&T, IBM, Red Hat, Canonical and SUSE. And while OpenStack has been an x86-based technology for the entire length of the project's history, that is now set to change.

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OpenNebula Quietly Keeps Building Its Open-source Cloud

Barb Darrow | GigaOM | July 10, 2012

With the OpenStack project turning two years old soon amid what will no doubt be a ton of vendor-generated hoopla, Ignacio Llorente wants the world to know that the more mature OpenNebula project continues to evolve, just a lot more quietly. Read More »