Open Source OpenStack ARMs the Cloud

Sean Michael Kerner | ServerWatch | July 18, 2012

...OpenStack now has the support of major IT vendors including Cisco, HP, Dell, AT&T, IBM, Red Hat, Canonical and SUSE. And while OpenStack has been an x86-based technology for the entire length of the project's history, that is now set to change. OpenStack is set to be available on ARM for users to try out via the Trystack effort. TryStack debuted in February this year as a way for users to "try" OpenStack in a freely available hosted environment.

"OpenStack was designed from the beginning to be agnostic to different technologies," Mark Collier, VP of Marketing and Business Development for OpenStack at Rackspace, told InternetNews. The ARM version of OpenStack will be powered by servers from startup Calxeda. Calxeda is part of HP's Project Moonshot effort, which is bringing ARM-based scale-out computing hardware to the market. The first Moonshot servers powered by Calxeda ARM are codenamed Redstone and provide massive scalability of up to 2,800 servers in a single rack...