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3D Slicer: An Overview

Rahul_Gupta | Linux For You | January 28, 2013

This article gives an overview of the open source medical imaging tool called 3D Slicer, which has been released under a BSD-style licence, and is a tool for visualisation and image analysis. Read More »

Patient-Centered Security Program (Part 2)

Andy Oram | EMR & HIPPA | August 30, 2016

Andy Oram

The previous part of this article laid down a basic premise that the purpose of security isto protect people, not computer systems or data. Let’s continue our exploration of internal threats. This is a policy issue that calls for involvement by a wide range of actors throughout society, of course. Policy-makers have apparently already decided that it is socially beneficial–or at least the most feasible course economically–for clinicians to share data with partners helping them with treatment, operations, or payment. There are even rules now requiring those partners to protect the data. Policy-makers have further decided that de-identified data sharing is beneficial to help researchers and even companies using it to sell more treatments. 

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