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At the Forefront of Development

Brij Kothari | | February 15, 2012

The hardware is rudimentary. An ordinary mobile phone connected to a laptop with a cable. But who would have thought that this simple set up could actually be turned into a central communication hub, and in the hands of civil society, become a powerful communication tool for people’s empowerment? Read More »

Attention CEO’s: You Are In The Software Business. Now What?

Jim Zemlin | | October 4, 2012

Whether you’re Nissan or Toyota, Walmart or Nordstrom, NYSE or NASDAQ, you are in the software business. Every company today, regardless of whether or not they’re a “technology” company, is in the business of building software. Today’s consumers demand it.

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August 2013 Contributor Of The Month: Lee Breisacher

Michael Downey | OpenMRS | August 16, 2013

One of the ways the OpenMRS community highlights the work of its many volunteers is with a monthly profile of a contributor. It’s our hope that these interviews help you to learn more about others who help build our software and our community. A couple weeks ago, Michael Downey, OpenMRS community manager had a chat with Lee Breisacher [...]. Read More »

Be Lazy, Be Fast

Ross Gardler | ComputerworldUK | January 25, 2012

The reality is, however, that a well-run open source project is not slow, in fact some of the more popular projects move so quickly it can be difficult to keep up. But what defines a well-run open source project? There are a number of important attributes to look for. In this article I want to focus on the key processes that allows a community led project to progress at speed. Read More »

Big Data Saves Michigan $1 Million Each Business Day

Tom Groenfeldt | Forbes | January 11, 2012

Big Data is saving the state of Michigan $1 million each business day, while consolidating 40 data centers into three saved $19 million the first year. Read More »

BioImageXD: A One-Stop Shop for All Image Post-Processing Needs

Latika Bhonsle | Lab Times | July 24, 2012

Most of us have sat for hours and hours in a dark and cold room, taking pictures of stained cells or tissue sections. But analysing and quantifying all those colourful images with customary software programmes can have its flaws. Therefore, Pasi Kankaanpää from the University of Turku, Finland and colleagues came up with a new “high-throughput image processing platform” and published it in Nature Methods. Read More »

Blind Ambition: Plea for Funds to Keep Free Software Project Alive

Sylvia Pennington | Brisbane Times | March 16, 2012

Two Australian programmers may be forced to abandon their not-for-profit work that allows blind people around the world to join in social networks and the information age if funding is not forthcoming. Read More »

Breaking Barriers: Forging a New Model for Clinical Development

Ben Baumann | The OpenClinica Blog | February 10, 2012

The world has shown that it is possible to harness the power of crowds to deliver incredibly successful innovation and services (think Facebook, Wikipedia, Linux). However, this style of innovation is relatively absent within the domain of clinical research. Sablinski believes the time may be ripe to borrow from the principles of open source and telemedicine in order to create a new, more effective model for clinical development.

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Building the Health Information Infrastructure for the Modern ePatient

Alex Howard | O'Reilly Radar | February 21, 2012

To learn more about what levers the government is pulling to catalyze innovation in the healthcare system, I turned to Dr. Farzad Mostashari (@Farzad_ONC). As the National Coordinator for Health IT, Mostashari is one of the most important public officials entrusted with improving the nation's healthcare system through smarter use of technology.

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Building Wireless Sensing Networks – Using Open Source Hardware

Ken Boak | Nanode | September 25, 2012

Over the last couple of days, I have been busy setting up a wireless sensor network as part of the preparations in readiness for a web controlled central heating and energy monitor system.
The various hardware modules are all open source designs – and I chose to use a mix and match approach to the system which was put together using hardware from a variety of vendors... Read More »

C-suite Views RCM As Matter Of Survival

Bernie Monegain | Healthcare IT News | September 23, 2013

New Black Book report shows healthcare execs see RCM as a way to stay solvent Read More »

Call for Participation: 2011 SPIE Medical Imaging – CAD Demonstration Workshop

Stephen Aylward | Kitware Blog | January 4, 2011

The SPIE Medical Imaging Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Workshop will be held on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, from 17.45 - 19.45 as part of the SPIE Medical Imaging conference in Orlando, Florida, USA. Read More »

Can Software Save Lives?

Guangming Cui | Axial Exchange | July 27, 2012

The New York Times recently reported the death of a 12-year-old boy after being discharged from a hospital emergency room...At Axial, we strive for a solution to improve these situations, and we believe part of the answer lies in technology that improves timely, important communication amongst healthcare professionals and the education of patients and their caregivers. Read More »

Canadians Take On NASA Design Challenge For Space Exploration

Sunnie Huang | CBC News | April 5, 2013

Toronto and Winnipeg are among the 75 cities worldwide taking on NASA's challenge to design both software and hardware to make space more accessible and more fun to explore. Read More »

Carl Reynolds On The Power Of Information

Carl Reynalds | eHealth Insider | July 4, 2012

Junior doctor and open source enthusiast Carl Reynolds thinks there are some good things about the latest NHS information strategy; but he has some concerns as well. Read More »