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How Can Open Source Projects Support Themselves in Health Care?

High prices and poor usability hasn't driven the health care industry away from megalithic, proprietary applications. What may win the industry over to open source (in addition to the hope of fixing those two problems) is its promises of easy customization, infinite flexibility, extensibility, and seamless data exchange. As we will see, open platforms also permit organizations to collaborate on shared goals, which appeals to many participants. But if open source projects can't charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for installation as their commercial competitors do, how will they pay their developers and hold together as projects? This article compares three major organizations in the open source health care space: the tranSMART Foundation, Open Health Tools (OHT), and Open mHealth. Each has taken a different path to the universal goal of stability.

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Leeds City Council Chief Digital and Information Officer Dylan Roberts Interview - Developing 'City as a platform'

Thomas Macaulay | CIO | June 26, 2017

Leeds City Council Chief Digital and Information Officer Dylan Roberts is responding to cuts to council budgets by harnessing the power of technology to deliver public services in a new way. "We need to flip our thinking altogether and think about how we affect better outcomes for people," says Roberts, a high-flyer in the 2017 CIO 100...

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