What a Classroom Will Look Like in 10 Years

Sarah Fudin | OpenSource.com | November 15, 2011

Technology is rapidly evolving. This evolution is occurring because people are sharing ideas, resources and themselves online 24/7.

So what does this mean for our education? Education has long been seen as a vertical un-adaptive to change. Fifty years ago schools had individual desks, a blackboard in the front of the room and a teacher who administered lessons and testing in accordance to their specific state. Today, schools have individual desks, Smartboards instead of blackboards and a teacher who administers lessons and testing in accordance to their specific state. What has changed?

Although some schools are slower than others to adapt technology changes, that doesn’t mean others are not jumping in feet first and utilizing the open source way to change education as we know it. We’re in for a lot of changes once we break though our bureaucratic system (which we put in place), row seating, the 8-4 schedule and standardized testing. The truth is, learning is ongoing and collaborative and classrooms should cater to this...