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Axial Supports Apple Health!

Press Release | Axial , Apple | September 30, 2014

Today Axial announced that it has completed its integration with Apple HealthKit. Axial Exchange app users will now be able to view all of their health and wellness data from the Axial app and other health applications in one, comprehensive mobile dashboard...

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Using a Fitness App Taught Me the Scary Truth about Privacy Settings

Rosie Spinks | SBS | August 2, 2017

After I’d completed my usual 5-kilometre near my London flat, a stranger I didn’t know “liked” my workout—even though I had enabled stricter privacy settings, which I thought would shield my workouts from public view. This happened several more times while I jogged the same route, and then again when I was on vacation in Barcelona. Alarmed at the idea of that strangers could see the routes I run on two or three times a week, I embarked on an investigation into the privacy settings of Strava...

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