Axial Supports Apple Health!

Press Release | Axial , Apple | September 30, 2014

Today Axial announced that it has completed its integration with Apple HealthKit. Axial Exchange app users will now be able to view all of their health and wellness data from the Axial app and other health applications in one, comprehensive mobile dashboard. Apple HealthKit allows health and fitness apps to share their data with each other and with Apple’s new Health app.

“Giving users the ability to integrate personal data from wearable devices, symptom trackers, wellness programs, and other mobile health applications, like the Axial app, and view it all in one location provides patients with a more holistic understanding of their health,” said Joanne Rohde, CEO and founder of Axial Exchange. “We’re excited to collaborate with Apple HealthKit to help empower patients to proactively manage their own health and wellness.”

Axial Exchange’s secure, HIPAA compliant, mobile application helps patients keep track of symptoms, medications, and vital signs, and find trusted answers to health-related questions as it embeds trusted health content. The app also includes a mood and headache tracker, gesture-based navigation, and allows for secure patient-provider communication. It has also recently integrated with several fitness and wellness devices, including Withings© WiFi scale and blood pressure cuff, FitBit© and Jawbone© wearable trackers, and other smartphone applications like Strava© and Moves©. The Apple HealthKit integration is the most recent integration the company has completed.

“One of the other benefits of this integration with Apple HealthKit is that it gives providers another way to monitor patients’ adherence to care plans and see a clearer picture of their patients’ overall health,” continued Rohde. “This will ultimately foster a more meaningful dialogue between patients and providers, leading to more satisfied patients and better care outcomes.”

Axial Exchange launched its integration with HealthKit following Apple’s release of iOS 8 in September. Existing Axial Exchange users will automatically receive the update.

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