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Five New Open Source Project Management Tools for 2015

Robin Muilwijk | Opensource.com | January 13, 2015

Last year, I covered five of the best open source project management tools, like ProjectLibre and OpenProject. The article struck a chord with readers and continues to prove valuable. So, this year I revisited the tools mentioned in last year's article, taking into account comments and suggestions from readers, and provided an update on where they are today. Read More »

Top 10 Open Source In Business Stories Of 2014

Nitish Tiwari | Opensource.com | December 23, 2014

Business is one of the prime areas of focus on Opensource.com, so naturally we've accumulated a lot of great information over the year about tools for doing business, like project management, customer management, and content management...For the best of the best articles on open source in business from Opensource.com, check out this list...

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