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"European Directory of Health Apps" re-launched as

The first edition of the web site, the "European Directory of Health Apps", was launched back in October, 2012, at the European Health Forum 2012. The Directory contained information on hundreds of smartphone health apps capable of helping patients self manage their medical conditions. The site was recently re-launched as an online international website called Read More »

'Open Access' Euro-BioImaging Project

Press Release | Photonics | March 29, 2013

Euro-BioImaging, the pan-European open-access research infrastructure for biological and medical imaging technologies, is now accepting new member applications from imaging facilities. Read More »

Beaumont Hospital in Ireland starts pursuing open source solutions

Brian Fitzgerald & Tony Kenny | EC Joinup | September 30, 2004

This article describes the implementation of an information systems infrastructure using open source software (OSS) in a large Irish public sector organization, Beaumont Hospital. The study identifies the primary organizational drivers in Beaumont’s move to OSS, namely principle and pragmatism. Read More »


BioMedBridges is a joint project involving ten biomedical sciences research infrastructures on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap. Read More »

canSAR and other Information Portals, Data, and Tools used in the fight against Cancer

canSAR is a new cancer database launched earlier this week by the U.K. Institute of Cancer Research. It contains 1.7 billion experimental results and utilizes artificial (AI) intelligence technology to discover the cancer treatments of the future. It is an integrated knowledge-base that brings together multidisciplinary data across biology, chemistry, pharmacology, structural biology, cellular networks and clinical annotations. The goal is to further improve cancer research and drug discovery by providing free access to the knowledgebase and associated resources by researchers from across different disciplines. There are a growing number of available cancer databases and information portals. Read More »

Code For Europe

Code for Europe strives to solve local civic challenges, by agile temporary teams of developers, in a way that the solutions are easily reuseable for other European cities. Open source developers have a free hand in creating a technical solution while working very closely with end-users, civil servants and a network of IT experts. Read More »

Economic Impact of FLOSS on Innovation & Competitiveness of the European Union

A 2007 study of the economic impact of Free/Libre or Open Source Software (FLOSS) on the European ICT sector was released by the European Commission. The study was conducted by a consortium of research institutions. The study found that FLOSS is of great importance to the digital industry in Europe and several other parts of the world. Read More »

eHealth Directory EU

A web portal set up by with links to key eHealth resources and web sites of interest to the European eHealth community.

England's NHS looks to U.S. for guidance on 'Open Source' EHR Software

Joseph Conn | Modern Healthcare | July 2, 2013

The National Health Service of England is looking to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for inspiration—and maybe a whole lot more Read More »

epSOS cross-border European health information exchange activated

Press Release | epSOS News | April 13, 2012

Over more than three years, the members of the epSOS project [European Patients Smart Open Services], cofunded by the European Commission, have invested hours of hard work as well as enthusiasm into the development of feasible cross-border eHealth services, addressing technical, semantic and legal interoperability challenges. These tremendous efforts have now finally  culminated in the large scale pilot entering into operational mode. Read More »

eTRIKS 'open source' EU project for sharing vital disease information

Colin Smith | Imperial College News | March 15, 2013

Developing a software system that enables pharmaceutical companies, governments, academia and hospitals to share information to advance our understanding of diseases is the focus of a major European Union funded project, which is led by researchers from Imperial College London. Read More »

EU 'Open Data' promotion could benefit UK Economy

Graham Jarvis | ComputerWeekly | August 12, 2013

European Union (EU) 'open data' directive, updating the terms of the reuse of public sector information, will create 58,000 jobs in the UK up to 2017 and will add £216 billion to the country’s economy. Read More »

EURECA Project

Enabling information re-Use by linking clinical REsearch and Care (EURECA) - the goal of this project is to enable seamless, secure, scalable and consistent linkage of healthcare information residing in electronic health record (EHR) systems with information in clinical research information systems, such as clinical trials. Read More »

Europe moves closer to open access (OA) publishing

Paul K. Guinnessy | PhysicsToday | November 2, 2012

The UK government declared that all papers funded by its research agencies would have to be Open Access (OA) by April 2013, and the European Commission (EC) made a similar announcement for 2014 regarding its billion-euro Horizon 2020 research program.  Read More »

Europe PubMed Central

Europe PubMed Central is part of a network of PubMed Central (PMC) International repositories that also includes PMC Canada. It is supported by 19 funders of biomedical research, including charities and government organisations in the UK, Austria, and Italy, led by the Wellcome Trust. Read More »