Open Health News About to Cross the 225,000 Visitor Milestone

Open Health News has continued growing in leaps and bounds and we are close to crossing a major milestone, 225,000 unique visitors to the site since we launched a little over three years ago. Not bad considering that when we launched the site, we thought the maximum number of people interested in a web site providing news related to open health would top off at 30,000 max!

The interest in open source in the fields of health and medicine is clearly substantially greater than anyone had tought. And it is growing. The number of visitors as well as page views continues to grow. In March we had over 16,000 visitors for the first time, and if the traffic keeps up for April, we will have more than 18,000 unique visitors for the month!

The number of page views is currently close to 300,000 per month, which is also quite a respectable figure for a site like ours. We have had over 5.5 million page views since the site launched and more than 10.5 million hits.

This is also a good time to review the source of traffic into the site. Below is a table listing the rank of visitors from 20 countries. 

OHNews-Visitors from the top 20 Countries 





1United StatesUnited StatesUnited States
7United KingdomAustraliaUnited Kingdom
10AustraliaUnited KingdomCanada
18European UnionMexicoIsrael
20MexicoSouth AfricaSpain
Note: Traffic stats as of 4/22/2014

As the ranking shows, the greatest number of visitors to Open Health News come from the United States, followed by India, which on average has more than twice the visitors of any other country. Visitors from China were in third place for 2012 and 2013 and fourth place so far in 2014.

One of the most interesting revelations is that traffic from Turkey, has seen a huge increase this year. Turkey did not even make it to the top 20 in 2012 and 2013. As in many countries, there is now a large contingent of healthcare professionals calling for the open source VistA EHR to be implemented nation-wide. This is the same case with Ukraine, where the government has been studying the feasibility of a VistA roll out for several years. In the case of Ukraine, however, internet traffic to Open Health News has dropped considerably since the political disturbances started several months back.

All indications are that traffic to Open Health News will continue to grow as it becomes clear that open solutions are the best path for the health sector. We will try to keep our readers posted on the growth and expansion of the site on a more regular basis.


India has huge traffic- indeed

Thank you for clarifying this to me. May be you are right at your point- India is becoming a leader in open source EHRs and drug research. I am usually blogging for a health niche ihomeremedy regularly and yesterday I saw the sites visitors statistics. About 3K+ are Indians. I realized and got the idea of evidence of OH-News visitors resources.

Informative health sites issue

This is really appreciable. But, I am amazed how I India remain constant in no. 2 position again and again and again. It's probably, their huge quantity internet user. It's quite interesting too. I am agree with you that open health news will continue to grow. However, this traffic statistic indicates that, interest in open health news is quite unchanged and increasing day by day.

India becoming a leader in open source EHRs and drug research

Jessy, glad to pointed that out. India has become a world leader in the implementation of open source EHRs, in particular VistA, as well as in open source drug research. Given all the advanced work being done in these areas it is no surprise that India ranks consistently as #2 in our visitor statistics. Take a look at this link for more than 50 articles on VistA deployments in India, for example.