American Association for Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN)

The American Association for Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN) unites all levels of nursing staff to advance excellence in the specialty of long term care nursing. It strives to achieve this by providing relevant education and advocating for long term care nursing. As the nation’s largest network of caregivers, the American Association for Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN) strives to:

  • Promote optimal teamwork and achieve common goals, the various nursing caregivers need to work together. Recognizing this, AALTCN provides services and advocates for all nursing staff: nursing administrators, LPNs, RNs, staff development directors, nursing assistants, assessment coordinators, and nurse practitioners. The Association also provides an efficient and effective means for business partners to deliver a consistent message to all levels of long term care staff.
  • Provide relevant educational resources that bridge current best practices with managerial and clinical activities. Educational programs are tailored to meet the unique learning needs and style of various levels of adult learners, enabling the same topics to be presented through different methodology to achieve common outcomes.
  • Advocate for an improved status and voice for long term care nursing staff. The Association encourages respect for long term care nursing staff by informing colleagues and consumers about the complexities, competencies, and commitment of the special caregivers who commit to this specialty.