Bacula4Hosts Launches Commercial, Open Source Disk Based Backup and Recovery Solution Geared Towards Web Hosting Service Providers and ISP's

Press Release | Bacula4Hosts | July 2, 2012

Bacula4Hosts is a data backup and recovery solution built by service providers, for service providers.

Built on top of a proven, mature and established open source code base (, Bacula4Hosts is able to deliver a solution to service providers built on a proven and stable platform. Approaching 2M downloads, Bacula is trusted to backup and restore data for millions of servers.

Requiring advanced modules only available in the Bacula Enterprise Edition by Bacula Systems, Bacula4Hosts negotiated a licensing agreement with Bacula Systems to provide the advanced Enterprise modules required by Web Hosting Service providers. These modules include BMR capabilities for Linux and Windows servers as well as Microsoft VSS plugins for Microsoft based solutions.

Bacula4Hosts understand the requirements of data backup and recovery for Web Hosting service providers. Combining open source code base, along with enterprise modules, they were able to build a deployment, management and API platform on top of these solutions to enable a full self service, automated, and easily integrated solution to the market. Web Hosting Service providers are able to offer a full suite of backup and recovery solutions. They are able to enable full customer self service restores of any hosting solution (shared, vps, cloud, dedicated) and are easily able, utilizing the Bacula4Hosts GUI, to integrate self service restores into any proprietary or commercially available platforms utilized by web hosting service providers.

"We recognize the increasing reliance service providers have on data backup and recovery processes. This has become a core component within the service provider industry. Allowing service providers to enable quick, efficient and reliable data backups for multiple platforms, while also allowing them to offload hours worth of server admin time in customer self service scenarios - is critical to day to day business and customer service operations," says Andrew Rouchotas, Bacula4Hosts CEO.

Aristide Caraccio, VP Sales & Marketing, Worldwide at Bacula Systems states "Bacula Enterprise and its plugins provided all of the functionality required by Web Hosting Service Providers and Managed Service Providers out of the box. Because of its open source /open standards framework, Bacula4Hosts were able to create a customized solution for service providers and integrate quite easily with existing systems. They were able to create their own custom user interfaces for service provider staff and their customers to use to access the resources they wanted to make available to them."

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