blueEHR™ announces Form Builder Challenge for EHR users to win $1000 cash prizes

Press Release | ZH Healthcare | July 26, 2022

ZH Healthcare, the creators of blueEHR, announced a $1000 cash prize challenge that invites users of EHR systems to create forms to their liking.

BETHESDA, MARYLAND, July 26, 2022 / -- ZH Healthcare, the creators of blueEHR, the low-code, no-code EHR platform announced today their first Form Builder Challenge. blueEHR knows that every organization is unique; not all forms fit all organizations. We believe that EHR systems should empower users to not only access the forms that have been effective for years, but also create new forms as needed.

The challenge invites anyone who has ever wanted to design and build forms that they wished they had in their Health IT or care delivery systems; forms that they believe could improve client outcomes, make it easier to document, and improve reporting requirements.

blueEHR is offering three $1,000 cash prizes. Participants are sorted into three categories based on their technology proficiency and IT experience: beginner, intermediate, and expert. The final contest submissions will be evaluated by a team of independent judges who are well established within the healthcare industry.

The competition will be conducted over five business days starting August 22 through August 26, 2022. Participants may register for the challenge here. Registration is open now and will continue through August 15, 2022. blueEHR will provide training in advance of the challenge and ongoing support for participants.

Shameem C Hameed

Shameem C Hameed, CEO, said, “The biggest pain point among EHR users is the inability to work the way they need to. Forms that are available in most EHR systems are inflexible and structured to the vendors’ way of thinking. Instead, we believe EHR vendors should be asking the question, how can users effectively use the forms they need, and update them as quickly as service offerings, regulations, or policies change. At blueEHR we believe that the users know best and developed our product’s features to meet this need. This challenge is an invitation to try our cutting-edge form builder module and tell us what you think.”


About ZH Healthcare, Inc.

ZH Healthcare (ZH), headquartered in Bethesda, MD, USA, employs over 200 people globally including their offices in Geneva, Switzerland, and Kerala, India.

ZH is the creator of blueBriX, “the building blocks for digital health.” blueBriX is used in four continents and serves over 2 million patients. The blueBriX platform was established with a goal to inspire, educate, tool, and support the creators of digital health solutions from ideation to scale. The platform, originally known as blueEHS and HITaaS, has been rebranded as blueBriX. On blueBriX platform resides the low-code, no-code enterprise systems, blueEHR, and blueTeleMed.

blueEHR, part of the wider technology platform of blueBriX, seeks to put usability and adaptability on the forefront for healthcare providers. blueEHR is widely used by behavioral health practices and integrated care practices in United Sates.

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