MyScienceWork Marks Open Access Week With Unique Approach To Scientific Publishing

Press Release | MyScienceWork | October 24, 2013

As millions of researchers, students and scientists celebrate Open Access week, MyScienceWork, a new global communication platform dedicated to the free access to scientific knowledge, announced it has already surpassed its initial growth projections and plans to secure US investors.

Committed to creating the world's largest, most diverse and accessible scientific database, MyScienceWork ( has already signed up more than 35,000 scientists in the last three months and is well on its way to exceeding its goal of 100,000 network subscribers by year's end.

MyScienceWork's early success can be attributed to its multi-faceted, multi-lingual approach, which offers up insightful research about virtually every scientific genre on earth. MyScienceWork currently features 27 million scientific documents in 101 languages that cover everything from cancer research to the latest communications technologies. The centralized platform also provides open access to brand new scientific research, expert profiles, job opportunities, as well as a schedule of scientific conferences and events around the world.

“For years, the latest scientific findings and knowledge have come with a high price tag. MyScienceWork is a social network based on the Open Access concept, which is all about providing researchers and the general public free access to all types of scientific knowledge,” explained Virginie Simon, CEO and co-founder of MyScienceWork.

Virginie Simon holds a PhD in nanotechnologies and has invested much of her time toward cancer cures. She is equally passionate about expanding the open access to scientific material, which is the driving force behind MyScienceWork. “Scientific social networks in the United States have excelled, even with their restrictions and select disciplines. MyScienceWork aims to become the biggest database for scientific publications worldwide by providing multidisciplinary content in different languages to researchers and the general public,” Virginie Simon noted. “We are in search of US investors who share our vision of truly open access to important scientific information. It can be a game changer.”

“The Luxembourg government and Luxembourg investment fund have already invested $1.5 million dollars in MyScienceWork, enabling an extremely successful European launch,” said Tristan Davaille, MyScienceWork CSO and co-founder. “We are confident that our business model will meet with international approval and the interest of researchers and potential investors who can help pave the way for our international development in the US and beyond.”

Ongoing technical development and public access to knowledge

MyScienceWork is dedicated to continuously develop its technologies in order to provide enhanced services to professionals searching for accurate scientific findings. The MSW search engine includes web semantics allowing searches by keywords and providing scientific language comprehension. As a result of the continuous development of its online platform, MyScienceWork was able to open up scientific knowledge to the general public. In its “News” section, expert journalists publish articles on scientific news, researchers' profiles, and documents dedicated to open access and science 2.0.

Fundamental changes to scientific editing on their way

MyScienceWork's success is a consequence of the growing need for open access to scientific information and the free access to research publications. According to academic experts, the volume of scientific articles read or quotes used is multiplied by 30 when published on an Open Access platform. Ten years ago, researchers were not only forced to pay for the publication of their findings, but institutions and universities were also compelled to invest high sums in scientific expert magazines and papers. Open Access and MyScienceWork are changing the market.

In February 2013, the White House announced its adaptation of a policy that would see nearly all of the science papers produced through federal funding made accessible to the public within a year of their publication. Today, the European Commission as well as European governments are looking into providing legal frameworks and recommendations for copyrights and free access to scientific publications.

Celebrating Open Access (OA) Week

This week, October 21 through October 27, MyScienceWork will actively participate in the world « Open Access Week », offering conferences in cooperation with renowned European universities and unique opportunities to US investors.

This is the sixth annual Open Access Week, a global event dedicated to making Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research. Open Access is a great opportunity for everyone to take action to keep the OA momentum moving forward.

About MyScienceWork

MyScienceWork ( is a professional social network dedicated to open access created in 2010 by a team of two young academics teaming up their complementary knowledge and experience. PhD Virginie Simon, who specialized in nanotechnologies against cancer, and Tristan Davaille, expert in finance and economy, are co-founders. Dedicated to the scouting of researchers, MyScienceWork's objective is to spread the scientific culture and to accelerate the research development. MSW today employs 15 experts working in its offices in Paris and Luxembourg. MyScienceWork is established in Luxembourg and received funds by the Luxembourg Government as well as a Luxembourg-based investment fund. Social network:; scientific media: