Open Access Research Library JournalClick Posts Rapid Growth - Now 3.4 Million Articles

Press Release | JournalClick | May 20, 2014

An innovative open access online library of research articles has announced that it now plays host to over 3.4 million free articles, and adding new articles each day as they are released

(PRWEB) May 20, 2014-An innovative open access online library of research articles has announced that it now links to over 3.4 million free articles. JournalClick was able to reach the milestone just a month after its launch thanks to a proprietary intelligence system which actively seeks out new research articles and adds them to the site’s inventory as they are released. Working with leading publishers such as PubMed and BioMed Central and over one thousand more publishers ensure that the site is constantly updated with a fresh influx of articles each day.

JournalClick founder Dan Almour says “We are ecstatic to announce that we now have 3.4 million free articles and growing. Our service is expanding rapidly and thanks to our working to add from publishers like PubMed and BioMed, our users are guaranteed to have the latest thinking at their fingertips when they use JournalClick to source research articles.”

Established earlier this year, JournalClick has fast evolved to become a leading open access resource that offers users a comprehensive article archive teamed with a strong online community focus. As a result, researchers are given the power to navigate material faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

As global leaders in open access biomedical literature and scientific publications, PubMed and BioMed Central affords academics access to state of the art research, findings and exciting new discoveries. With PubMed boasting an archive of over 23 million records and BioMed Central publishing in excess of 200 scientific journals, Journal Click users are assured of unparalleled quality of search results.   

As well as offering users an extensive collection of scholarly articles, Journal Click also provides an innovative push algorithm which uses intelligent technology to suggest articles which other viewers of a particular document have examined. This works to establish a dynamic online community and guide researchers on a structured ‘learning path’ that greatly broadens the scope of their research whilst saving a huge amount of time.

For those seeking a comprehensive listing of scholarly articles accompanied by innovative and intelligent user enhancing features, look no further than the extensive Journal Click catalogue. The up-to-the-minute article addition system and association with leading scholarly publishers such as PubMed and BioMed Central has resulted in a colossal database of over 3.4 million free research articles which can be navigated via the dynamic and wonderfully efficient push algorithm.

This community aided approach means there simply is no better way for perceptive academics to take on the scholarly research process.

To start browsing Journal Click’s collection of over 3.4 million articles and experience the efficiency of the innovative push algorithm, please visit: