Open Source Search Conference

Event Details
November 6, 2013 (All day)
Westfields Marriott Chantilly, VA
United States

The Open Source Search Conference brings together leading technologists from both the government and commercial sector, focused on implementing strategies to incorporate open source search into their technology stack. There will be optional tutorials on the day before the conference, which will offer deep-dive technical content for engineers. High-level strategy and use-case sessions at the conference will be interesting for products owners and decision makers.

Open Source Search is embedded in commercial products, embraced by government IT implementations and has become an accepted part of the larger IT software stack. It is critical for developers, IT strategists, and product managers to understand the benefits and challenges unique to open source search, while developing practical implementation strategies.

This conference is expanding to address not only the engaging technical topics, but also strategy with a broader discussion of technologies adjacent to search, including text analytics, big data, and content management.

Conference Program

  • Advanced Query Parsing Techniques
  • Best Practices for Measuring Search
  • Integrating Open Source and Proprietary Software
  • Pushing Geospatial Cloud to the Edge
  • Real World Facets with Entity Resolution
  • Optimizing Document Relations with Elasticsearch
  • Integrating Diverse Data Sources with Open Source