OSEHRA Innovation Webinar - SQL Access to VistA

Event Details
May 28, 2019 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm

SQL access to VistA for reporting and analytics requires two core technologies: (a) an SQL engine; and (b) mapping Fileman files to SQL tables that the SQL engine can use to access data. Although there are many SQL engines, there are few combinations of (a) and (b) that work well, and none that both work well and are free/open source software (FOSS). YottaDB is developing Octo, an SQL engine, and %VISTAOCTO, an adaptable tool, that generates an SQL Schema from Fileman tables. Both are FOSS.

Join this webinar to gain insight into the issues, see a demo, and get a preview of the Pre-Summit Training. Presenters K.S. Bhaskar and Christopher Edwards will have ample opportunities for questions and discussion during the webinar.