Latest news on the 'open source' Integrated Human Resource Information System (iHRIS)

There was a lot of activity over this past week with regards to iHRISthe Integrated Human Resource Information System. For example, the 1st Annual iHRIS Academy, organized by Dr. Juma Lungo, was hosted at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania on August 12-16, 2013.

The iHRIS Academy was conceived as a way for iHRIS implementers and developers to share field experiences as well as quick solutions to common problems. Attendees visited leading installations of iHRIS in Tanzania, including Kinondoni, the largest local government authority in Tanzania, which has entered more than 8,000 civil worker records in iHRIS. They also visited the Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC), a faith-based organization (FBO) that uses iHRIS and covers 40 percent of Tanzania’s workforce.

This event was followed shortly thereafter by the announcement of the release of iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify Version 4.1.8.  

iHRIS is a suite of web-based open source software designed to provide healthcare sector leadership with information needed to better plan, manage, and track the health workforce.  It is designed primarily for use by ministries of health, professional health councils, and other organizations in low-resource countries.  It is one of a growing number of 'open health' software solutions designed to meet the healthcare needs of governments around the world.

The open source iHRIS software code is distributed without charge or restriction. Countries that install iHRIS own their health workforce information systems and are free to modify or extend the system to meet local requirements. Increasingly, new applications for iHRIS are being coded in country to address their specific needs.  The most useful of any new modules countries develop are often incorporated back into the core software for subsequent distribution to all users of iHRIS. Visit the iHRIS web site download page to obtain a copy of version 4.1.8 of the iHRIS Suite

iHRIS has been installed in 15 countries and is being used to track workforce information on over 575,000 health workers worldwide. Because it is built on a flexible framework and distributed under an open source license, iHRIS can be customized and extended to address local needs.

Learn more about the countries where iHRIS is being used or implemented on the iHRIS web site. Also, see the Map of iHRIS Installations & Users.

iHRIS was developed by the Capacity Project, a global project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and led by IntraHealth International.  The open source iHRIS software suite currently consists of the following key software modules:  iHRIS Manage, iHRIS Qualify, iHRIS Plan, and iHRIS Retain. The iHRIS tools are designed to work together but may also be deployed independently or integrated with other health information systems.



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