A Perfect Streaming Storm

Sean Mutchnick | Open Source Medicine | February 13, 2012

...This entire project has been a unique opportunity for several different departments within Wayne State University School of Medicine to work closely with its medical students to create a rich new resource for everyone involved. The new streaming website is a perfect example of what Open Source Medicine has been trying to provide since it was formed in February of 2011: A venue for developing ideas and making new connections. Our classmates are full of powerful ideas and by coming together we can all contribute a skill or talent or our time to make an impact on our community starting now, not once we receive our MD!

The new streaming website is currently in beta and available for use at Stream.med.wayne.edu. We need your feedback to make sure that all the bugs are worked out. This coming Fall, this will be the only streaming website, and the ‘old’ site will be taken offline...