How Social Media Could Raise British Gas's Sustainability Drive to Another Level

Matthew Yeomans | The Guardian | February 24, 2012

The company is offering free insulation to the poor and elderly, yet is relying on the telephone to market this worthy message

Once in a while you come across a company initiative that makes you think: "Here's a firm that's putting sustainability into action." That was my reaction (and that of many others) this week when British Gas announced a new incentive to help the most vulnerable members of society cut their energy bills through free loft and cavity wall insulation.

British Gas isn't appealing directly to the elderly, the poor and the disadvantaged. It's done that in the past with only limited success. Instead, the company is offering £50 to "anyone who refers vulnerable family, friends or neighbours to us for free insulation. We'll also pay the vulnerable customer £50 for having the free insulation installed," it declares in a press release...